Taking Lisims Communications To The Next Level!

Our LTE Cellular Network services are provided through our partnership with Roger’s Communications and you are all aware that no other service providers can have active mobile connections in the Nass Valley, unless they are a subsidiary of Roger’s. Please give our Nisga’a Nation-own company, Lisims Mobility the opportunity to provide you with cellular service.

Lisims Mobility can now activate customers on 1 of 3 rate plans that are distinguishable by the amount of data allocated to each client! Our plans include the following; Unlimited SMS/MMS texting, Unlimited Nationwide Calling, 911 feature, Extended Roger’s Roaming Network, Voicemail, and Caller ID. Please see the list below for the plan pricing:

  • 1 GB Plan - $55.00
  • 3 GB Plan - $70.00
  • 5 GB Plan - $80.00

We have devices in the office and supplies are limited! Call us now to receive uninterrupted cellular service in your community today!

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